Wine List

The art of restraint

Brasserie van Baerle is about more than just fine food; an exceptional wine list is also part of the restaurant's identity. The exclusive selection by sommelier Floor van Ede is original, accessible and uncompromising in terms of quality. Her compact wine list is widely praised and has received numerous awards. Using uncluttered prose, her descriptions are aimed at fledgling as well as experienced wine drinkers. It is the art of restraint. The list manages to be diverse, too, offering wines from different price classes, origins and grape varieties, all in a single compact list.

Van Ede’s wine list presents established and alternative wines alongside one another, such as a classic Bordeaux in addition to wines with comparable qualities from lesser-known, inspired winemakers. Consequently, guests are encouraged to try something different for a change. Most of the dishes on the menu include a wine suggestion; agreeable food and wine pairings are one of Floor van Ede's specialities. Van Baerle has some 50 wines, half of which can be ordered by the glass. Including the Vigne des Dames, a delicious Côtes du Rhône Villages Sablet from Floor's vineyard in the south of France.